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Wow snippet "Time" for [ profile] the_last_shadow

Title: Time
Fandom/Genre: World of Warcraft
Pairing(s): Nesthor, Minerva
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 274
Warnings: Violence
Notes: This is the one I promised you for your 80 lvl achievement and even if it's a little late at least it is her :D This the first of the eight I promised you. :p Hope you like.

Not betaed, so if you find mistakes please tell me. :) Constructive critisim is always wellcome.

I was important once. So long ago that it’s hard to remember sometimes, even for me.

I had power. I had influence. I had a position; but now, now I’m this hollow shell, a sad reminder of what I was.

A vessel made of rotting flesh and a twisted mind.

I have to crawl my way in this decaying world, that hates me because I don’t belong here. Or so they think.

Trying to get back all that was mine before, what I deserve now.

I still have her. Once a high class aristocrat, so beautiful, so graceful but so deadly. She was so useful then. Now she is as dead and hunted as me, her beauty lost and a new thirst for vengeance and violence grows inside her twisted heart. Such a wonderful sight to behold.

But....She gets in the way too much for my liking. She has plans on her own and that can not be.

I know all her weakness as she knows mine; in this little war we control each other. But that will end someday. I’ll make sure of that.

I’ve fantasized about it more than once, I’ve seen my hands around her deceptively fragile neck gripping harder and harder until I hear the sweet sound of her bones snapping under my hands.

I’ve seen myself plugging the knife between her ribs, feeling her heart stop. Slowly, so slowly.

But no, strength is not the way, she has the upper hand there. But there are other ways, other ways that she won’t expect.

My moment will come, I only have to wait for it. Time is all I have now anyway.