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Not that anybody will read this but I feel like sharing anyway :D

I'm back from Barcelona after the Rising Con, glad to be home but sad that the Con is over :(

I had soo much fun there :D I went to Barcelona with [ profile] the_last_shadow, we slept in a motel where thankfully there weren't rats but I have my suspicions that it was because they were afraid of the roaches ¬¬U and highs. We were in the sixth floor without elevator, it was good exercise but when you forgot something in the room you never came back for it xD

We meet there our lovely, lovely [ profile] trinipedia who was the translator for the Rising Con, she is awesome and did an incredible good job translating the panels for those who couldn't understand English. Love you dear *hugs you tight* don't suffer too much with my bad writting dear xD be gentle with me

The KLZ girls did an impresive work too, everything went smoothly and there were no problems, all the time of the convention was fun and really interesting. Girls you rock so damn hard!!

Tonight I'd like to load the pics from the Rising and [ profile] the_last_shadow has to pass the videos she made !Yay!

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