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Title: Time
Fandom/Genre: World of Warcraft
Pairing(s): Nesthor, Minerva
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 274
Warnings: Violence
Notes: This is the one I promised you for your 80 lvl achievement and even if it's a little late at least it is her :D This the first of the eight I promised you. :p Hope you like.

Not betaed, so if you find mistakes please tell me. :) Constructive critisim is always wellcome.

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Don't mind me to much.

This is a short story, only 324 words, and is true that writing is HARD.

I did it for one of my english clases. And I'm posting it here just so I wouldn't lose my homework. Becouse it happens to me... a lot.

I'm a disaster.

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Where I've been all this time....Uff...Where do I start?

Frist, excuses:

1. I've been really away from my journal and my fanarts, not that I posted a lot anyway, but that's beacuse my classes, the exams and the homework are eating me alive @_@ so much to do and so little time *stress*

2. Found a new fandom >_< OMG! So good and funny. EUReKA from the sci-fi channel. Lurvs Jack Carter.... and Nathan Stark...and the Nathan/Jack slash. *shigs happily* It's eating my brain. (Well, to tell you the truth, it's been a long way till this fandom Naruto --> Sherlock Holmes --> Goog Omens --> Batman --> EUReKA)

3. I'm going to Germany in May for a month, work related, I'm so excited... even if I'm a little scared....only a little...really....hum yeah? *sheepish smile*

Second, News:

1. I'm buying a laptop *bounces* I now that everyone owns a laptop by now, but It's my frist laptop ever so I can be like a five year old with a new toy if I want to XP

2. I'm going to Germany!!

3. This is my last year of art classes *dances*

Third, some of the thigs I've been doing lately:

Beware Large pics, too lazy to resize -_- )

Maybe I'll post more tomorrow...
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I'm alive!! After a few weeks in hell, I'm back and about.

I've been off the net lately because in the short time spam of a week my external hard drive killed itself, my comp died in his sleep *snif* (seriously one day it worked perfectly and the next morning it didn't even start) and my brother's comp died a painful death, so I couldn't connect at home and I only could do so in class but then the internet connection of the comp where I use to work in class sudendly died too, I'm starting to think that this is some sort of conspiracy. ¬_¬#

I seriusly though of throwing myself through the window, but with my luck I wouldn't die. I would, in fact, end up with a few broken bones and a nasty temper.

The only good thing of all of this is, that NOW my father is totaly convinced that I need another comp, thank you God for slapping us with you signals xD and that my older brother ricovered all of my stuff from my old comp's hard drives *glomps older brother*

And what I've been up to lately... well, I discovered the pleasures of the S.XIX literature with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and then the joy of the hot victorian man-on-man smut in the internet XD Holmes/Watson is love. :D

So I've been drawing them like mad and working myself raw with the class proyect for this term @__@ I like the idea of my proyect but it's look more and more difficult every day and we only have rougly two or three weeks left to finish it, and I'm going really solw >_< and with the death of my comp all the work I have until that moment went to hell, and now that I have it back I don't need it because I did it again after the week of hell, so double work it is T_T

And here I show you a pic I did a few days ago in a moment while I was resting after 3 hour of class working non stop.

Hope you like it ^___^

Title: puzz-in-bootz
Fandom: none
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Done in class in a fit of boredom of doom

puzz-in-bootz )

Don't mess with the kitty xD
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Title: Kitty
Fandom: none
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Pic for one of my class proyects, what do you think?

Pic )
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Title: Tablet Practice
Fandom: none
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: I got bored and I decided that I need to start using my tablet so here is my first experiment.

Pic )
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For: [ profile] aionaeon
Author's Notes: colour ver sion of the pic I drew for my dear [ profile] aionaeon *glomps*
Darn I forgot the tattoo T_T
Link: coloured fluff )

And a pic I drew in class ^____^

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Wow kiasca drawing original that's new xD
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Nane: Alex (Alexandra)

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Eyes: Golden

Hair: Black-red

Mutat gen: She's changing, her body is changing to a more animal like form, in the future she'll look like a werewolf. She's fast, strong and recovers really fast. Sharp senses.
Has big affinity with animals.

She's an orphan, She had been in the orphanage his whole life, because of her temperamental nature nobody wanted to adopt her.
She ran away when she was 15 years old and lived on her own till she met her best friend when they were being chased by a group of anti-mutats two years ago. Now they are studing in Xavier's school for gifted young people.(I think that the name of the school...I don't remember)
She's a little bitter because she knows that in a few years she won't be able to hide the changes and if the mutat situation doesn't get better she'll need to stay at the school and she'll only leave the school's perimeter when extrictly necesary.

Alex )

If someone read this xD please if you find any errors tell me so I can change it, even if it's the whole thing.

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