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So I was thinking about Spn 7X17 and I have a few points that made me wonder

1.- Thinking what I read some days ago is true about Sera Gamble saying that she had Cas married so people knows that he is hetero. I only have to say one thing, Sera dear suposely angles have no gender ergo no sexuality :p and really us fans don't care too much about those things. I kind of liked Daphne at least she took care of Cas.

We live in the ever wonderful fandom so canon has very little effect over us as of lately xD

2.- I know this point may annoy some poeple but as the show goes on I dislike Dean more and more v_v He isn't the Dean I fell for in the beginning, that Dean would never leave a friend behind and with a demon as a caretaker no less.

I didn't mind Cas marriage to much but Dean leaving Cas in there broke my heart in tiny little pieces. Even after he took Sam memories and saved him, Dean doesn't think he had redimed his mistakes!? What would have him do to redim himself I wonder, kill himself.

3.- I have little to say about Sam, only that I love him so much and he keep winning a lot of points every time he opens his mouth xD And at least Sam had second though about leaving Cas in there with Meg.

4.- Cas smitting Demons and getting back his memories was EPIC!

Anyway I'm just glad we have [ profile] spn_redemption to be happy :D and all those wonderful writers that makes the Spn Fandom way better that canon :p
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Porque hoy en español?

Porque sinceramente, hoy no tenia gans de pensar en como iria esto en inglés, ya me expreso de pena en español, como para intentarlo en inglés, juas.

Una vez me dijiste que querias que siguiera apoyandome en ti, como podria apoyarme en alguien que no me ha demostrado en tres años que podia hacerlo sin lamentarlo luego.

Gracias por volver a demostrarme lo mucho k importo, entre tu y mis padres tengo la autoestima en números rojos.

Lo peor es que creia que al final acabaria por encontrar al que creia mi amigo, pero duele darse cuenta de que esa persona ya no existe desde hace tres años. Se que todo esto suena demasiado melodramatico, pero bueno, pero alguna vez tenia k tocarme a mi, os aguantais.

Ya dije una vez que yo no odio a nadie, aunque a veces me gustaria, pero ni se te ocurra pensar que no este cabreada hasta al punto de no querer volver a verte, espero k algun dia, pronto todo pase a indiferencia.

Y no he cambiado nada de parecer, sigo pensando como en el post ese k tanto te jode, esperemos k sea el ultimo post de este estilo.

Por ahora mucha suerte y k te den.

Edit: te das cuenta k siempre elijes las mismas fechas para estas cosas? K don de la oportunidad hijo.

Angry rant

Dec. 28th, 2009 02:53 pm
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Sorry, angry rant in the making.

Boys are egoistic laying cowards, that try to get their way behind our backs every time and when you find out they are sorry, but not because they hurt you but because you found out.

Sorry for those who aren't, but I'm still waiting to meet a man without this lovely list of charming traits.

When they have a problem they take the easy way out, just answering 'I don't know' or answers full of buts to important questions that in reality should be so easy to answer.

But it's easier, I supose, to try and hide in the gray area of the discusion, where they try to look like the victim of it all. *snort* Yeah, the victim, because they do the things that hurts but they the poor little thing that suffers the most.

The worse part is that sometimes we believe them, just so they can do it again and again, hurting you every time. I feel so stupid for feeling sad.

Fucking coward and fuck you very much for this lovely chrismas gift. Good luck but don't even think of calling me again.
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A few days ago I told my dear [ profile] don_amoeba how I was doing, I told her that I was doing good enough, if we don't count that I hav a new job for the mornings, my classes in the afternoons and that I'm managing to fall asleep in every flat and non-flat surface I find xD I think I'm doing good.

That was before I had the urge to say hello to my downstairs neighbors but going through the floor because is more funny than going down the stairs.

So yesterday, a friend of mine came to see me to my flat, usually I don't have to much problem to navigate in the dark, I know my house pretty well to move around without lights. Well that's true when my mother doesn't leave anything laying around in the living room, like that suitcase of doom.

So my friend rang the doorbell, and when I went to open the door I didn't remember the suit case, so I triped over it.... I was so happy there wasn't anybody there to see me faceplant on the floor ¬_¬U even if he heard me from the other side of the door.

The funny part of all this is that my automatic reaction when I fall is to laugh hysterically, so I was there rolling on the floor, hurting like whoa with tears falling down my face and laughing my head off...and my poor friend on the other side of the door shouting my name worried out of his mind.

The good part of this is that I, at least, didn't broke my head aganist the door of the living room, that was slightly open waiting for me to trip.

Today, I'm at work with a twited wirst, a sore jaw, a knee that screams like a bitch when feels a little presure in the kneecap and a really bruised Ego.

Hug me? Ó____Ò
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I'm alive!! After a few weeks in hell, I'm back and about.

I've been off the net lately because in the short time spam of a week my external hard drive killed itself, my comp died in his sleep *snif* (seriously one day it worked perfectly and the next morning it didn't even start) and my brother's comp died a painful death, so I couldn't connect at home and I only could do so in class but then the internet connection of the comp where I use to work in class sudendly died too, I'm starting to think that this is some sort of conspiracy. ¬_¬#

I seriusly though of throwing myself through the window, but with my luck I wouldn't die. I would, in fact, end up with a few broken bones and a nasty temper.

The only good thing of all of this is, that NOW my father is totaly convinced that I need another comp, thank you God for slapping us with you signals xD and that my older brother ricovered all of my stuff from my old comp's hard drives *glomps older brother*

And what I've been up to lately... well, I discovered the pleasures of the S.XIX literature with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and then the joy of the hot victorian man-on-man smut in the internet XD Holmes/Watson is love. :D

So I've been drawing them like mad and working myself raw with the class proyect for this term @__@ I like the idea of my proyect but it's look more and more difficult every day and we only have rougly two or three weeks left to finish it, and I'm going really solw >_< and with the death of my comp all the work I have until that moment went to hell, and now that I have it back I don't need it because I did it again after the week of hell, so double work it is T_T

And here I show you a pic I did a few days ago in a moment while I was resting after 3 hour of class working non stop.

Hope you like it ^___^

Title: puzz-in-bootz
Fandom: none
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Done in class in a fit of boredom of doom

puzz-in-bootz )

Don't mess with the kitty xD
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Son momentos en la vida en los que te comentan una cosa, normal y corriente, de la vida cotidiana pero que a ti te amarga el día. Pues bien, a mi una de esas cosas no me ha amargado el día sino la existencia (drama-queen lo sé).

Pues nada, después de 7 años en el fandom Halko deja el kakairu. Suena tonto y para la basta mayoría no será una noticia importante, pero para nosotr@s los fans en una noticia, cuanto menos, dolorosa.

Una autora tan importante en este fandom nos deja, y no puedes evitar preguntarte cuanto tardaran las demás en hacer lo mismo... esperemos que muchísimo y que lleguen más en el futuro.

No es raro perder el interés en un fandom en el que llevas tanto tiempo (7 años es bastante, yo llevo 6 ^w^), no salen cosas nuevas, monotonía temática (todos hacen lo mismo), le prestas atención a esa otra serie que te engancha con esa parejita tan mona que no puedes evitar que te guste, pero con el tiempo sueles volver a tus raíces como todo buen fan.

Por eso, decimos hasta pronto pero no adiós, pues ella sigue dibujando aunque no sea kakairu, yo seguiré comprando sus doujinshis porque me gusta su estilo ^____^ y cuando salga su manga pues también caerá :D

Creo que [ profile] don_amoeba dijo algo de alcohol y llorar en una esquina, creo que voy a hacerle compañia.
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Naruto in spanish

I think I'm gonna cry *snif*

1. Voice actors: Iruka and kakashi voice actors weren't that bad, in fact I liked them, but Naruto and Sasuke.... Oh my god, poor gaara *cries*

2. What the hell!? Where's the blood?! no blood?! Iruka gets a fuuma shuriken in the spine and there's no blood?! And when naruto does the Sexy no jutsu, what are the konoha male population, Allergic to women?? And Haku how he's gonna die? because of a coughing fit?? And Zabuza?? *scared*

Not that I mind the Allergy Teory, that way the future fans will be easyer to convince that Iruka and Kakashi loves each other a lot xDDD

3. The Openings and Endings: They used the american version of the Opening and the Ending T__T that's a crime. The japanese songs were awesome and the videos.

4. Character names: What are they doing to the names of some of the characters

Mizuki = Mitsuki (This is a girl name for god sake *eyeroll*)
Akimichi Choji = Akimichi Jouji (The what?)

Well lets look at the bright side, at least they keept the sensei. ó___Ò

The show was bough by two chanels, one is for kids (jetix) and the other is not (quatro), I hope they have the non censored version of the anime in that chanel. *sigh*

If you find any errors, let me know so I can fix them *hugs*


Jan. 31st, 2006 09:38 am
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Today will not be a good day, I just woke up and I'm depressed already Ó_ò
Stupid dreams that remind you of who is gone.


May. 16th, 2005 09:10 am
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I'm angry since saturday and I can help it, I think I'm gonna kill the first of them that come near me and dare to tell me what they did on saturday.

The worst part of it all, is that now I have a Iruka plushie but every time I see it I get angry because he bought it to make me forgive him and them, and forget what happend, that made me even angrier >3.

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