Angry rant

Dec. 28th, 2009 02:53 pm
kiasca: (Es 21 - Huh huh sankyoudai)
Sorry, angry rant in the making.

Boys are egoistic laying cowards, that try to get their way behind our backs every time and when you find out they are sorry, but not because they hurt you but because you found out.

Sorry for those who aren't, but I'm still waiting to meet a man without this lovely list of charming traits.

When they have a problem they take the easy way out, just answering 'I don't know' or answers full of buts to important questions that in reality should be so easy to answer.

But it's easier, I supose, to try and hide in the gray area of the discusion, where they try to look like the victim of it all. *snort* Yeah, the victim, because they do the things that hurts but they the poor little thing that suffers the most.

The worse part is that sometimes we believe them, just so they can do it again and again, hurting you every time. I feel so stupid for feeling sad.

Fucking coward and fuck you very much for this lovely chrismas gift. Good luck but don't even think of calling me again.

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