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So I was thinking about Spn 7X17 and I have a few points that made me wonder

1.- Thinking what I read some days ago is true about Sera Gamble saying that she had Cas married so people knows that he is hetero. I only have to say one thing, Sera dear suposely angles have no gender ergo no sexuality :p and really us fans don't care too much about those things. I kind of liked Daphne at least she took care of Cas.

We live in the ever wonderful fandom so canon has very little effect over us as of lately xD

2.- I know this point may annoy some poeple but as the show goes on I dislike Dean more and more v_v He isn't the Dean I fell for in the beginning, that Dean would never leave a friend behind and with a demon as a caretaker no less.

I didn't mind Cas marriage to much but Dean leaving Cas in there broke my heart in tiny little pieces. Even after he took Sam memories and saved him, Dean doesn't think he had redimed his mistakes!? What would have him do to redim himself I wonder, kill himself.

3.- I have little to say about Sam, only that I love him so much and he keep winning a lot of points every time he opens his mouth xD And at least Sam had second though about leaving Cas in there with Meg.

4.- Cas smitting Demons and getting back his memories was EPIC!

Anyway I'm just glad we have [ profile] spn_redemption to be happy :D and all those wonderful writers that makes the Spn Fandom way better that canon :p
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Best season ever
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Title: Code Purple
Author: [ profile] ru_salki99
Fandom/Genre: SPN RPS, AU
Pairing(s): Jensen/Misha
Rating: R
Word Count: 26.460
Warnings: First Pic not safe for work, partial nudity

Artist: [ profile] kiasca
Art link: Art Masterlist - you're here!

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Title: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Author: [ profile] wolfrider89
Fandom/Genre: SPN, AU
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~31 600
Warnings: Violence, mentions of war, minor character death, past hate crime, homophobia, rimming

Artist: [ profile] kiasca
Art link: Art Masterlist - you're here!


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First one to come out :D

Here is the first Like Supernatural Sketch I ever made and I have to admit that Cas looks a little porny but I couldn't help it, I'm a slash fan it's my default mode so I'm not really worried :P

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And a pic I drew when I read one of [personal profile] twentysomething fics that I love to bits :) This is not a test

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