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Yes, I'm watching Teen Wolf and I love it :D Shipping Sterek like crazy

Stiles is still my baby, loved his scene getting out of the dumpster and with Lydia in the ice ring, he was so freaking cute :D

Scott is getting better, at least in this season he is more aware of what is happening and Allison is not the only thing that he thinks about, thanks god for his character development even if he still get sidetracked sometimes xD

I don’t dislike Erica. I can see why she changed so much after the bite, first she was bullied at school and some people tend to retaliate when they have the chance, I mean Derek gave her al the means to do it and now she can be what she and many teens think is a cool sort of person. Pretty, mean and I’m sorry to say this (I liked the Erika before the bite more than after) dressing like a skank ^^U

Have to say that I’m not totally confortable with where Derek is heading, I loved him in S1 but in S2 I see him really selfish, using people as he sees fit and too thoughtless of the consecuences for all the people around him :/ I’m afraid for the kids when they have a face to face with the hunters. We’ll see where this goes.

Boyd I like, I love the part when he told Scott that he wanted to be like him not like the others :D Good puppy but you are going with the wrong crowd little man.

Jackson is giving me the creeps, because he is still a asshole and now he has super strength and I have no idea what would he do with it.

Chris Argent is love, his bemusement with Lydia was so amusing xD

Lydia, not sure what is happening to her but still loving her :p she is sweet and purposely oblivious to poor Stiles xD

In conclusion me liked the episode :D even if my Sterek heart cried because there where no awkward Derek/Stiles oh my god don’t kill me moments
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